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The number one concern for businesses, organizations and even individuals today is the protection of their private data from theft or misuse. One promising solution is a digital license that can’t be skimmed, lost, stolen or misused.
Now imagine an entire digital community that is trusted and safe allowing individuals and organizations to share information freely without worry. That opportunity is provided through TrustGrid. TrustGrid’s digital ecosystem allows people to enrol in trusted commercial or governmental services.
TrustGrid allows for trusted, privacy preserved transactions which are verified and executed with a full audit trail in near real-time, within a simple-to-use identity workflow builder, applied blockchain-based consortium and contract framework.
For example, organizations can use TrustGrid to provide Know Your Customer capabilities, which are used by financial institutions to verify account holder identity, while preserving privacy of people’s data and providing them with full control of their personal information. Also manage admissions by education institutions or licenses issued by government agencies, while allowing people to explicitly consent to their data disclosures.
The simple and easy-to-use identity workflow builder acts as the core integration function of the system, allowing you to build and integrate trusted digital identify services in real time. This is true data security everyone is looking for.

Decentralized Trust

Decentralized Trust

Decentralized Trust For Service Delivery At The Edge

TrustGrid™ Decentralized Ecosystem enables service providers to reach their customers directly without a middle man. With TrustGrid™ service providers own the relationship with the end user and have full control over how services are delivered.

DeGrid is a software defined decentralized transactional ecosystem that leverages blockchain and blockchain cryptography for immutable transactions. DeGrid supports W3C Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) and W3C Verifiable Credentials (VCs) , which gives end users full control of their identity.

vrtYou is a user agent (mobile app or dApp) which enables end users to participate in decentralized transactions with simplicity and digital agency. vrtYou leverages hardware root of trust on user devices and anchors end users identity to the secure hardware in the users device, enabling the user to sign with a noncustodial hardware protected key.


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TrustGrid™ provides a rich repository of out-of-the-box solutions that can be easily adapted to many business scenarios:
digital driving license
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Confidential Consortium

Modern digital identity systems require the involvement of multiple parties. Such ecosystems cannot exist on written contracts and policies, which are, by definition, reactive by their nature, and require technology-enforced rules defining the newly formed consortium.
Trustgrid Network

A consortium-enabled network allows all involved parties to organize their business logic according to the roles and responsibilities of the participants, with the distributed ledger technology providing utility for distributed privacy-reserved transactions.

A consortium is invite-only, which means not everyone can join, only a predetermined group of enterprises. It operates under the governance of the participants. It has a multi-party consensus, which means consortium members verify all operations.

Robust Digital Identity Solution

TrustGrid™ is a digital identity and privacy platform which utilizes innovative cryptography and trusted execution technology to build scalable digital identity solutions. TrustGrid™ provides data privacy and security services across on-premises, hybrid, edge, and public cloud environments from our orchestration service. Regardless of where the system is implemented, the cryptographic keys to the service execution are always owned by consortium members. At the same time, the ownership of the data resides with the end-user. Even if originally deployed to the cloud, you can always transition your instance to your private environment.

Multiple Azure and AWS Regions

  • US East
  • US West
  • Europe West
  • Europe UK
  • South East Asia
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Australia
  • Singapore
  • India


Integrate With Your Digital Identity Systems

TrustGrid can be integrated with existing identity systems using integration connectors. The SQL connector allows user to query external database to fetch a single row using SQL statement. Similarly, the API connector can be used to get data from external API endpoint. The CSV connector can be used to add 1000s of identities into the workflow.


Library of Use Cases

TrustGrid contains a library of built-in use cases which can be customized and deployed within minutes. Digital License
Birth Certificate
Health Record
Training Certificate
Compliance Certificate


Automated Consortium Creation and Management

TrustGrid Platform is a network of multiple clusters spread across multiple Azure and AWS regions. It allow users to provision their consortium in real-time, and services are published within minutes. User can see real-time status of their network elements like member nodes and service nodes.



Software As A Service Delivery Model – Deploy Your Own Digital Identity Network Now

TrustGrid™ supports multiple use cases (solutions) which can be implemented onto the same platform and managed by the same consortium of members.  The use cases are implemented as identity workflows and can re-use the existing identity data to create new verification and proofing scenarios. 


User Management and Authentication


Mobile App Templates


Library of Ready-to-go Use Cases


Integration with External Systems


Consortium Policies


Confidentiality and Privacy Management


Integrated Data Encryption and Key Management

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