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The number one concern for businesses, organizations and even individuals today is the protection of their private data from theft or misuse. One promising solution is a digital license that can’t be skimmed, lost, stolen or misused.
Now imagine an entire digital community that is trusted and safe allowing individuals and organizations to share information freely without worry. That opportunity is provided through TrustGrid. TrustGrid’s digital ecosystem allows people to enrol in trusted commercial or governmental services.

TrustGrid allows for trusted, privacy preserved transactions which are verified and executed with a full audit trail in near real-time, within a simple-to-use identity workflow builder, applied blockchain-based consortium and contract framework.

For example, organizations can use TrustGrid to provide Know Your Customer capabilities, which are used by financial institutions to verify account holder identity, while preserving privacy of people’s data and providing them with full control of their personal information. Also manage admissions by education institutions or licenses issued by government agencies, while allowing people to explicitly consent to their data disclosures.

The simple and easy-to-use identity workflow builder acts as the core integration function of the system, allowing you to build and integrate trusted digital identify services in real time. This is true data security everyone is looking for.

Who are we?

TrustGrid is the future of safe, secure digital identities. Our proven digital platform gives governments and organisations the ability to create a trusted network for requesting and verifying identities and credentials while keeping control in the hands of the individual.

The TrustGrid Channel Partner Program

Empowering you to add value to your customers

The TrustGrid platform is now available in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, enabling you to offer it to customers in your portfolio to increase the safety, security and user experience of your services – while you have the advantage of an additional revenue stream.

Benefits of
Partnering With Us

We partner with experts in consulting, software developers, IT and cloud organisations, sales, technical and managed services who are looking to add a revenue stream and increase the value and security of their own service offerings while bringing something truly innovative to their customers.

Deliver Proven Digital Security

Differentiate From Your Competitors

Add Value For Your Customers

Add Value For Your Customers

Increase Profitability

Increase Profitability

Leverage Additional Revenue Streams

Access Expert Training & Support

Transform and future-proof your organisation by partnering with a Digital Identity network you can trust.

Each of our channel partners brings their own specialities and service expertise to the table. Combined with TrustGrid’s unique platform, we can meet customer needs and provide better service – globally.

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Discover Our Digital Identity Solutions

The TrustGrid™platform is fully customisable and easily adapted to suit any requirements, processes, digital identity and secure data needs of your government, organisation and location.

We have also developed multiple, ready-to-use solutions that make sharing, tracing and verifying identity simple and fraud-proof within the secure TrustGrid™ network – from digital credentials to vaccinations and user identification.

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How Does The Channel Partner Program Work?

Our partner program enables ISVs, system integrators, and resellers to profitably co-develop integration products and services alongside the TrustGrid platform and solutions.

As a channel partner, you benefit from additional revenue streams through the resale of TrustGrid SaaS Subscriptions alongside adding value to your own services to customers. Resellers are authorized to sell directly to enterprises and the public sector, as well as within their own value-added services such as system integration or operational services.

Both technical expertise in the TrustGrid platform, the ability to sell TrustGrid subscriptions, and ability to run the procurement cycle are all necessary characteristics of a Partner. In addition to the qualification requirements, resellers applying to the program must pass a due diligence check as TrustGrid deems necessary, which may include, but is not limited to, reviewing the Reseller’s audited financial statements, reference checks from end customers, and independent credit checks.

Channel Partner FAQs

We want to empower our partners to deliver their expertise to government, enterprise and mid-market customers, knowing they can offer true innovation via the TrustGrid platform. Our sales and technical specialists work closely with partners as one team to serve customers and create value that goes beyond product expertise. We provide initial and ongoing training, support and go to market initiatives for our partners.

Use the TrustGrid relationship to develop new accounts in your territory, resell TrustGrid SaaS subscriptions and your own value-added services, while collecting a profit margin based on a sales commission.

TrustGrid is looking for forward-thinking, customer-centric partners who are excited about using the truly innovative TrustGrid platform technology to help create new levels of privacy-preserved security for customers. Examples of ideal partners include: consulting, software developers, IT and cloud organisations, sales, technical and managed services.

If you meet the initial assessment criteria and can demonstrate your interest and capability to become a successful partner – you will be warmly welcomed into the TrustGrid family and supported to integrate and make the most of your partnership benefits.

Here’s a preview of our initial assessment criteria:

  • You own or work for a registered company
  • You have a company website showcasing your expertise to enterprise and government customers
  • You have a workforce with expertise in providing sales and professional services
  • You can provide a minimum of two years of company financial data.

Once the process is underway, we’ll work with you to understand your business plan, your objectives and explore how we could potentially work together to better serve customers.

If your company meets all of the above initial assessment criteria, we’d love to hear from you!

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