Digital Birth Certificate

A simple way to share digital credentials.

Empowering digital transformation of citizen life.

Birth certificates in most countries are paper-based documents. They are needed for a range of citizen life events, from enrolling in school to opening a bank account, getting a passport, driver licence, voting, applying for government benefits, holding a tax file number to work in paid employment.

TrustGrid™ allows issuing Birth Certificates in a digital format. 


Access & verify birth certificates data across different government departments

Ensures consistency of information shared across government jurisdictions

Reduce the time and costs spent on manual processes

How does it work?

A TrustGrid™ Digital Birth Certificate cannot be faked or forged. It provides the birth certificate holder the ability to restrict sharing to minimise unwanted data disclosure. Unlike a paper birth certificate, there’s no waiting for a digital certificate reducing the cost of generating the document. A TrustGrid™ Digital Birth Certificate solves issues of safekeeping, durability and accessibility. It can be used anytime and anywhere.

When sharing a TrustGridTM Digital Birth Certificate, the holder will be notified to provide consent for the required certificate attributes or allow other parties access to all data contained within the full birth certificate. The holder of the certificate can also download a secure, digitally-signed copy of the birth certificate in PDF format.

Access to other government agencies and wallet apps is available via the published TrustGrid™ API.

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