Digital Birth Certificate for Governments

A simple way for Governments to securely share digital credentials to their Citizens.

Empowering digital transformation for all citizens.

Birth certificates in most countries are paper-based documents, but they are the cornerstone to establishing a citizen’s legal identity. From enrolling in school to opening a bank account or getting a passport, fast, easy access to a verified birth certificate is vital for all aspects of life.

With TrustGrid™, governments can issue Birth Certificates in a digital, fully-verifiable and fraud-proof format that citizens can easily access and use. 


Access & verify birth certificate data across different government departments

Ensure consistency of information shared across government jurisdictions

Reduce the time and costs spent on manual processes

How does it work?

A TrustGrid™ Digital Birth Certificate cannot be faked or forged. The birth certificate holder has the ability to access it instantly, even via mobile, while maintaining full control over its use and their data disclosure. Unlike a paper birth certificate, there’s no waiting and minimal processing required to produce a digital certificate – reducing costs and use of time and resources. A TrustGrid™ Digital Birth Certificate solves key issues of safekeeping, durability and accessibility while providing a greater level of security and authentication. It can be used anytime and anywhere.

When producing a TrustGrid™ Digital Birth Certificate, the holder will be notified to provide consent before sharing the required certificate data or allowing other parties access to specific  data contained within the full birth certificate. The holder of this verifiable credential can also download the secure, digitally-signed copy of the birth certificate in PDF format if required.

Access to other government departments/agencies and wallet apps is available via the published TrustGrid™ API.


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