Digital Credentials

Many governments and private service organizations are looking for ways to implement innovative digital services platforms that can improve the customer experience and allow citizens to own and manage their credentials and accreditations.

These systems can also represent other experiences and areas of our lives, such as professional reputations. Security, privacy, and data protection concerns are paramount and need to be embedded into the architecture of the system using principles such as privacy by design and technologies that can guarantee integrity, authenticity, and transparency of citizens’ records.

Credentials Represent Our Life Experiences

TrustGrid™ enables people to own their credentials while also providing a trusted mechanism of verification based on a person’s consent and selected format. People can form their own representations of their data, for example, a digital CV with degrees, certifications, and professional experience, which can be independently verified.
digital credentials schema

Digital Licences

The world is changing towards digital representations of many documents and accreditations, including digital licenses. One example is a driver’s license, one of the most used identity documents, and is widely accepted to prove citizen identity.

Digital credentials can be configured to mimic the key aspects of traditional, physical documents. At the same time, TrustGrid™ allows citizens to choose how their credentials are presented to third parties while maintaining full confidentiality of their private information.

Digital Credentials

Where Could You Use Digital Credentials?


Driving Licence


Travel Identification


Age Verification





How it Works


citizens Enrol to Their digital identity services

As the next step, the consortium members can create identity workflows, define various identity representations, and establishing privacy and confidentiality policies for the network.

People enrol in the service and opt-in for their digital identity representations.

  • The flexible and customizable enrolment process
  • iOS and Android mobile apps
  • People can subscribe through a Cryptographic QR code scan 

Citizens Opts-in for a Digital Driving Licence Service

Digital identity representations can be used in various contexts based on the defined privacy and confidentiality policies.

  • Age Verification
  • Know Your Customer
  • Background Check

The Licence Can Be Presented For Various Verification Use Cases

Organizations can use the same credentials to serve driven use-cases such as:

  • Verify proof of age
  • Verify residence status
  • Verify Know Your Customer

The Licence Is Presented for Verification

 Identity owner will receive a notification to provide consent to required attributes. 

  • Each verification requires the identity owner to provide digital consent.
  • The identity owner can verify the identity of the verifier.
  • The identity Owner is full control and choose the attributes to share.
  • Consent is digital signed and expires in short time and cannot be used for any other servicer or verification.

Frequently Asked Questions

TrustGrid™ is a global subscription-based service available for everyone to use. It can be used by government agencies working on digital identity programs and private organizations looking forward to establishing their own digital identity ecosystems.


TrustGrid™ supports a distributed consortium model, where multiple member organizations agree on privacy and confidentiality policies attached to digital identities. It is possible to use a single-member consortium for a federated (centralized) model, which can be later extended to a distributed model if needed.


Consortium members can propose changes to the network constitution and initiate a voting protocol for other members to accept or deny the changes. TrustGrid™ facilitates member communication through the SaaS Portal and allows members to track all changes into the network.

TrustGrid™ encrypts all citizen data and uses the Confidential Compute model to ensure that the data can be accessed only through explicit user consent within the consortium members’ policies. All identity transactions are completely private and cannot be accessed by third parties or network operators without an owner’s explicit permissio
TrustGrid ™ relies on the Confidential Compute (Trusted Execution Environment) technology to execute secure transactions in untrusted environments. The technology deploys protected enclaves for identity workflows and provides strong data protection to all identity transactions.

TrustGrid™ can be deployed as a Lite instance (suitable for pre-production integration) or as an Enterprise instance with the full support of Confidential Computing. Please refer to our Pricing page for more details.

TrustGrid™ is available as a SaaS service and can be deployed in a public cloud through our SaaS Portal. The deployment is fully automated, and the system is ready to use once it is deployed. 

TrustGrid™ is supplied with mobile applications suitable for various use cases. 

Please open a request below if you would like to customize the applications, add your own branding or integrate the applications with your backend systems.

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