Digital Driver License accepted by police nationwide

Digital Driver License accepted by police in Australia nationwide

  • There are 8.6 million different digital license types issued by the New South Wales government as of April 2022
  • 69% of the total number of motorists in the state use the digital driver license (DDL)
  • The customer sentiment has been concluded to indicate that 92.5% of the motorists approve its usability and functionality

High adoption and satisfaction levels have led the government to allow for the DDL to now be used for any legal verification in addition to its use at police checks and licensed venues. The digital driver license now has an equal legal acceptance with physical licenses and is now accepted by police in every Australian state and territory.

Due to the success of the DDL, the NSW government has continued to work towards digitising more state licences and IDs. The Service NSW platform currently accommodates for a total of 10 licenses including the COVID-19 digital certificate and digital photocard. The licenses are hosted securely on the service NSW app which locks with a pin and can be accessed offline. This has provided additional levels of security and protection against identity fraud, compared to the plastic driver licence and inspired other states and territories to follow suit.

With the DLP as a success story, the government of NSW continues to innovate towards a digital identity proofing solution for businesses requiring high privacy and security such as in the banking and finance industries.

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