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Digital Voting

by TrustGrid™

Empowering businesses and organisations to conduct secure, fraud-proof and accurate voting in real-time during any virtual, hybrid or in-person meetings.

Have total confidence in the security and accuracy of your next voting process

The TrustGrid Zero Identity solution offers the confidence of digital voter authenticity with the enforcement of ‘One Citizen, One Vote’ as the credential presented at time of digital voting is cryptographically bound with your trusted biometric obtained when enrolling to vote. If the same credential is presented to attempt another digital vote, a check of this credential will be detected and exclude the secondly attempted digital vote from the election count and logged within an immutable ledger for later investigation, if required.

The potential voter’s enrolment process utilizes the trusted biometric recording features such as liveliness checks, face matching, etc., of their mobile device ensuring correct and unique enrolment of the voter.

From internal organisational voting to national elections, the DigitalVoting platform meets not just the needs of the users, but the highest standards for security, verifiability, transparency, and usability.

Digital Voting is ideal for


Focus on what to do with your voting results – not how to get them. Our enterprise-level software and services have been uniquely developed to enable your organization to run secure, auditable votes and elections. Easy to use and customisable to your requirements, they make the voting process simple and effective.


Conduct trustworthy national, local or private elections using a fully documented, secure, end-to-end verifiable and auditable system. It is simple, accessible user interfaces ensure easy use for all your voters and stakeholders - from administrators, trustees and observers to all others engaged in the election process.

Organisational Use

Organisations across varied industries use DigitalVoting for voting-specific purposes. These include board elections, bylaw amendments, budget approvals, contract ratifications, executive elections, and student government. Talk to us about your specific requirements and how the DigitalVoting platform can provide the solution.

How does it work?

Your voter identification is powered by TrustGrid. It performs the necessary checks to determine your eligibility to vote but does not retain who you are at the time you cast your vote. Both the voter id and the completed ballot of the voter are separate to maintain confidentiality of the voting process. The registered voter is involved in the process of authenticating themselves to the ballot process without disclosure of their id which is tenet of the TrustGrid ‘Zero Identity’ mechanism.

Your voting credential is created at voter enrolment by the trusted authority responsible for conducting the voting process. The authorising body issues the voter with the ‘verifiable credential’ that has been registered within the TrustGrid™ Verifiable Data Registry.

When you cast a vote using TrustGrid, your ‘Zero Identity’ is cryptographically bound with your ballot such that only the registered voter can review and change their ballot up to the ballot closes. This ensures that a vote cast under duress can later be changed, only by the registered voter, at a time of greater privacy.

The TrustGrid™ registry holds zero identifying information on registered voters. However, it holds data used to cryptographically verify the authenticity of the registered voter. TrustGrid’s ‘trustchain’ is used to verify that the same registered voter has not voted multiple times in the one election therefore enforcing the ‘One Voter, One Vote’ axiom.

After securely casting your vote, the proof of this action is written to the TrustGrid ‘trustchain’ that is later used to verify that you have cast your vote in the digital election.

Along with instantly accessing your verified results, there are comprehensive auditing options available to dive deeper into vote statistics and vote auditing. View the Administrator footprint (who interacted with the system & when changes were made), a cryptographically certified results report, or your data well beyond the life of an individual vote.

Easily conduct your next voting process with confidence and results with provable integrity.

Get in touch to find out how DigitalVoting could be the ideal voting solution for your organisation.

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