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Education Passport

A simple, secure way for individuals and organisations in the Education Sector to share and verify credentials, accreditations and results – digitally.

Empowering the digital transformation of the Education Sector

From sharing digital accreditation credentials to issuing digital student ID cards and receiving school certificate results, the TrustGrid™ Education Passport eliminates the need for a paper-based system and makes accessing and verifying education credentials fast, safe and secure.

Imagine if students could instantly access their high school certificates and securely share their verified results and grades with any higher education provider or potential employers?

Or, if your educational institution could request and instantly verify the credentials of all applicants before continuing the hiring or application process?

Paper-based systems are slow, complicated and unreliable – and also leave room for error or fraud.

With our ‘Education Passport’ solution, individuals have the ability to be in charge of their own credentials and results, while organisations are enabled to digitally transform the way they operate – streamlining and improving their systems and protecting every data transaction.

Education Standards Authority can use TrustGrid to issue Accreditation Credentials to educationprofessionals, which Education Institutions can verify. 

Here is the first example. An Accredited Proficient Teacher, Peter Nelson, can use TrustGrid by signing up for the proficient teacher accreditation service.

From now on, he can easily manage his credentials on his phone. Any Educational Institution can verify his achievements in real-time.

Having credentials now securely stored on his phone, Peter Nelson applies for a teaching role. In this case, a school Principal can verify his Accreditation before hiring him as a Casual Teacher, which he can simply do using the TrustGrid solution. 

Here is another example. Mia James wants a digital student card. She subscribed to a student card service with her details and received her own digital student card on her phone. Mia can now use these credentials at any school facility.

Here is one more example. Students can receive their High School Certificate Results using TrustGrid. Mia’s grades are private and completely secure. She now has total control over which information she wishes to share with higher education institutions, universities, and potential employers.

TrustGrid – securing and enabling  educational passports.

Paper-based systems are slow, complicated and unreliable – and also leave room for error or fraud.

With our ‘Education Passport’ solution, individuals have the ability to be in charge of their own credentials and results, while organisations are enabled to digitally transform the way they operate – streamlining and improving their systems and protecting every data transaction.

The Education Passport Can Deliver:

Digital Teacher Accreditations

A simple way to issue and verify credentials

Digital Student ID Cards

Easily accessible, fraud-proof and always up to date

Higher School Certificate Results

A secure way to share results and request them – with the individual's consent

Verifying Accreditations And Achievements

Allows employers to easily verify credentials digitally – no more requests for transcripts from academic institutions

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How does it work?

Capable of everything from managing digital credentials to streamlining university admissions, TrustGrid™ is the world’s first complete digital ecosystem solution.

While our platform is fully customisable and easily adapted to suit any requirements or processes, we have also developed specialised solutions to suit specific sectors and uses – such as our Education Passport.

Developed specifically to meet the needs of the Education Sector, the TrustGrid™ Education Passport acts as a secure bridge between individuals and organisations, ensuring that any private data, such as credentials, accreditations and results, can be accessed, verified, shared and approved safely and securely with full consent from the individual through our digital platform.

The unique, patent-pending TrustGrid™ technology was built and designed by cybersecurity experts, utilising innovative cryptography and a private blockchain-based consortium, while encrypting all data. All data stays safely in the individuals’ control while being instantly and securely verifiable by your organisation – without any breaches of privacy.

With TrustGrid™, your organisation can build your own trusted digital network, providing you, and the individuals you interact with, the accessibility, security, privacy and authenticity that is so critical to operating successfully within the Education Sector. No paper required.

See how TrustGrid can empower the education sector

Throughout the Education Sector, traditional paper-based certificates are still widely used today. While some universities do issue digital copies of certificates in addition to paper originals, they cannot always be easily verified and people still have to rely on paper certificates for job or higher education applications.

This means that not only do major institutions and schools spend enormous amounts on storing this information, but authorities have to bear significant costs associated with printing paper certificates. Since the security features in the physical certificate are directly linked to the  difficulty level and expertise required to author the document, the result is that, the more secure the certificate, the more expensive it is to produce.

The TrustGrid™ Education Passport enables organisations to move from paper-based certificates, to an entirely digital certificate system. This gives the individual instant access to and total control over their own certificates and accreditations, and dramatically reduces costs for the educational institution. No more printing, physical certificate posting, certifying and checking – it all happens in instant, secure, and fully-verified digital transactions.

There is currently no unified verification process that can be used reliably and easily to verify the validity of a certificate. This means that educational institutions have to process thousands of requests from different organizations for sending copies of documents. If someone wants to verify certificates, for example to verify claims in a CV, they need to read and verify each certificate individually and manually, which is a significantly time-consuming process.

At the same time, issuers have to retain a central register of issued certificates that may be used to verify certificate authenticity. Answering queries as to the validity of certificates is a manual process which requires significant human resources.

The Education Passport uses the patent-pending TrustGrid™ technology, enabling each individual’s certifications to be securely stored against their verified identity – then shared and verified independently by each educational institution on request.

Without a universally-established open standard for digital certificates, this can lead to certificates which can only be verified within the context of specific software ecosystems.

At the moment, any agencies/organisations issuing digital certificates (such as universities) operate in their own security domains. Such agencies (acting as certificate registries) are single points of failure; while the certificates may remain valid, the ability to verify them could be lost.

Each of these agencies employs their own chain of trust, and there are multiple trust anchors in use.  Often, issued digital credentials are not cryptographically bound to their issuers, as well as to the owners of the credentials, making the verification process difficult, unreliable and slow.

Another major concern with digital certificate services is federated management of a customer’s data. When all data resides on a centralised federated system, individual users, such as students and teachers, do not have visibility of how their data is being used and cannot control access to their data.

The TrustGrid™ Education Passport places control and visibility into the hands, and mobile phone, of the individual – while increasing the security of, and access to, their data.

Centralised issuance of certificates is always going to be susceptible to risk, manipulation or in the worst cases, fraud. For example, the certificates received by a candidate upon completion of a course show that they have achieved the expected skills and knowledge required to successfully complete said course. 

However, the certificates can be forged, and the process of validating the authenticity of the issued certificate is expensive and slow. The TrustGrid™ Education Passport mitigates the risk of hiring or admitting unqualified candidates who may have forged their credentials.

The current examination and marking system is susceptible to score manipulation. The manipulation can be done at multiple stages, from the first evaluation to the manipulation during the final data entry in the database. While the issued certificate can be valid and verified by the issuer, the results still could be forged.

By having all results digitally stored, encrypted and verified within the TrustGrid™ Education Passport, it removes the opportunity for individuals to manipulate their results and affords the educational institution the security of results and data they can trust.

Once issued, there is no way to revoke a paper-based certificate without having the owner relinquish control of it. By issuing and storing certificates digitally, if there is a need to revoke an individual’s credentials, it can be done instantly – and they cannot continue to use that credential to allow them to operate, unethically or undeservedly, within their chosen field.

Paper-based systems do not guarantee privacy and security of information, in fact, they are more easily manipulatable and provide less security to the individual who, despite their right to ownership, still don’t have full control over its use. 

In most of the existing digital certificate and ID systems, end users do not maintain full control on how their documents and credentials are being used. Users do not maintain control of their data, and cannot provide explicit consent for the sharing or read / write access to their credentials. Furthermore, there is no privacy preservation embedded in the existing verification systems and private data can still be disclosed – either by a genuine mistake or intentional misuse.

This is why the TrustGrid™ Education Passport, and it’s ability to digitally transform how the Education sector and individuals can share and verify credentials, accreditations and results is so important. 

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