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Become one of the enterprises using TrustGrid™ to fast track their digital identity and privacy innovation. Our orchestration platform will automatically deploy a dedicated environment for you, utilising the power of Azure Confidential Computing and providing you with an immediate access to our platform. 

TrustGrid™ orchestrates multiple state-of-the-art technologies into a single platform, combining innovative cryptography, data privacy and confidential computing into a highly customisable identity management solution.

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Why Cloud Environment?

TrustGrid™ is a cloud-native digital identity and privacy solution which utilises innovative cryptography and trusted execution technology to build a scalable identity management platform. Automatically deployed on Azure confidential computing infrastructure, TrustGrid™ provides data privacy and security services across on-premises, hybrid and public cloud environments from our orchestration service running on Azure. Regardless of where the system is implemented, the cryptographic keys to the service execution are always owned by consortium members, while the ownership to the data resides with an end user. Even when originally deployed in the cloud,  your instance of the system can always be transitioned to your private environment. 


Multiple Azure Regions


Integrate With Your Identity Systems


Library of Use Cases


Automated Consortium Creation and Management

SaaS Deployment Model
TrustGrid™ provides an automated SaaS deployment model where a system instance can be deployed for you based on your use case. Watch the video below to see how easy it is to start using TrustGrid™: