Our Product

TrustGrid™ is a pioneering solution that delivers a digital trust ecosystem for governments and private sector organizations. The solution provides guaranteed privacy, confidentiality, and integrity to facilitate the identity interfaces between government entities and vetted private organizations such as hospitals or financial institutions.

TrustGrid™ orchestrates multiple state-of-the-art technologies into a single platform, combining innovative cryptography, data privacy, and confidential computing into a highly customizable identity platform.

What is TrustGrid?

TrustGrid™ brings together the power of confidential computing, distributed ledger technologies, and data privacy. The key components of TrustGrid™ are:

data security diagram

TrustGrid Architecture

We have an intuitive TrustGrid™ portal  interface that all users can easily use in order to subscribe, set up and manage their requirements for  Confidential Compute in Microsoft Azure cloud.

Depending on the  granular requirements of a consortium, you can choose to set up in either Microsoft Azure or AWS. Choosing Microsoft Azure also means you gain the added benefit of Intel SGX enclave, which provides even more protection from disclosure or modification. Our team would be delighted to assist you further in determining the optimal set up for yourself!

What is a consortium? A consortium provides cryptographically strong authentication and integrity verification of participating consortium nodes. This creates the framework for a pre-established consortium of members to effectively govern the policy  of the consortium that has been created. As a result, consortium policy defines the configuration policy of the consortium and outlines the governance rules agreed to by all members.

 Consortium services are created by members who unanimously agree on the workflow of the service offered. This is done in order to implement and enable specific use cases, for example citizen services, health records, digital supply chain. Consortiums can have multiple services and service nodes can run multiple services. Existing members can invite new members according to policy and configuration defined at the consortium level.


Privacy Preservation and Consent

TrustGrid™ gives data owners the comfort of security and privacy in terms of controlling and protecting their data. 

Data owners can interact securely within the secure digital ecosystems enabled by the TrustGrid™ platform. In this diagram, data owners(e.g. citizens) can transact with the services created by the consortiums using the TrustGrid™ platform. Data owners only consent to provide the data needed for validation during the transaction, which is performed using encryption provided by our innovative cryptographic methods .

After that , the data is encrypted and stored on user’s devices (data owners). When other participants (e.g. business , government , other organisations or end users) request data, they require the data owner’s explicit consent. Only after consent has been given can data be shared. Notably, only participants in the transaction (i.e. data owner and verifier) can see the data.

Finally, the TrustGrid™ platform has been very carefully engineered to guarantee that TrustGrid™ has no access or visibility of your data. We have effectively blended several sophisticated technologies to ensure that you can share your data only with your explicit consent , hence ensuring your privacy.


The Power of Distributed Consortium

The platform’s identity and privacy policies are managed by the distributed consortium – a group of nominated organizations providing oversight and management of identity and privacy policies.

A Variety of Pre-Built Use Cases

TrustGrid™ supports multiple use cases (solutions) that can be implemented onto the same platform and managed by members of the same consortium. The use cases are implemented as identity workflows and can re-use the existing identity data to create new verification and proofing scenarios.
verified digital

Unique Identity Workflow Builder™

TrustGrid™ provides touch-of-a-button functionality for the creation of customized identity workflows. Multiple identity operations, such as user consent verification, or identity attributes encryption, can be organized into simple and logical workflows which can be re-used to create multiple representations of customer identities.

Multi-Tier Architecture for Ultimate Data Privacy and Security