Introducing the TrustGrid™ decentralized ecosystem.

Our ecosystem enables service providers to have direct control over their customers and how their services are delivered to their customers.

TrustGrid™ provides direct peer to peer transactions between service providers and end users. This ensures economic efficiency by removing the middle man and fee takers. It also ensures transactional efficiency by servicing the user directly rather than through an intermediate host.

5G minimizes the gap between the online and physical world. This opens a vast new market for edge services, delivered directly to people or devices in the physical world. The physical world is inherently decentralized and TrustGrid™ products, DeGrid and vrtYou offer a decentralized transactional infrastructure to facilitate these new classes of services.


What is DeGrid?

DeGrid is a decentralized ecosystem that facilitates secure and privacy preserving end to end transactions. DeGrid enables businesses to directly publish their services from the metro edge or the service edge (on premise).

DeGrid is decentralized – it doesn’t require centralized cloud for data processing and does not require a centralized directory for identity management.

What is DeGrid?
What is vrtYou?

What is vrtYou?

vrtYou enables users to navigate the decentralized Web3 world with digital agency over identity, consent, communications and user data management.

vrtYou provides digital agency for users to represent their best interests in digital transactions without sacrificing their privacy or security.

Characteristics of vrtYou digital agency: Cryptographically verifiable user consent based on a non custodial key that has a strong identity bind with the user. The user consent cannot be spoofed or revoked.


What is TrustGrid?

TrustGrid™ makes it easy for businesses to host their services at the Edge and deliver their services directly to end users or devices.

DeGrid stack enables business owners and service providers to efficiently deploy decentralized services.

DeGrid appliance is a decentralized edge processing node, containing an integrated stack of services running a powerful heterogeneous processor. High-performance, high assurance, software-defined.

DeGrid enables businesses and service providers to integrate customers directly into service delivery, eliminating dependence on cloud vendors and CSPs, switch to high-performance decentralized service delivery.

DeGrid Architecture​

There is an explosion of new service opportunities at the edge. 5G / 4G networking provides gigahertz bandwidth, single digit milliseconds of latency and connection density of 1 million connections per square kilometer. These 5G capabilities make it easy to integrate online intelligence and control directly into real-time applications running in the real-world at the cyber-physical edge.

Additionally there is an explosion of heterogeneous processors that bring new levels of accelerated performance, hardware security and compact form-factor convenience. Heterogeneous processors combine CPU, FPGA & GPU processors along with large DRM4 memory. Integrated software defined 5G radios are also available.

These processors bring high-performance compute to the edge. FGPAs are ideally suited for data intensive computing. FPGAs enable flow-through stream processing at line speed. This eliminates the need for large expensive packet buffering.

The DeGrid stack runs natively on the heterogeneous edge processors. DeGrid appliance makes it easy for service providers to host their application on the Edge close to the data sources / data consumers. The DeGrid appliance provides a robust self-contained execution node for edge services. This includes IIOT, AR/VR, volumetric video, payments messaging, logistics supply chain, etc.

DeGrid Architecture​​

The Power Of Distributed Consortium

The platform’s identity and privacy policies are managed by the distributed consortium – a group of nominated organizations providing oversight and management of identity and privacy policies.

A Variety Of Pre-Built Use Cases

TrustGrid™ supports multiple use cases (solutions) that can be implemented onto the same platform and managed by members of the same consortium. The use cases are implemented as identity workflows and can re-use the existing identity data to create new verification and proofing scenarios.

A Variety Of Pre-Built Use Cases

Unique Identity Workflow Builder™

TrustGrid™ provides touch-of-a-button functionality for the creation of customized identity workflows. Multiple identity operations, such as user consent verification, or identity attributes encryption, can be organized into simple and logical workflows which can be re-used to create multiple representations of customer identities.

Unique Identity Workflow Builder™

Transaction Efficiency & Decentralized Trust

Transaction efficiency & decentralized trust

Unique Identity Workflow Builder™