Secure Logic’s Santosh Devaraj launches new venture TrustGrid

Santosh Devaraj

Santosh Devaraj is the CEO and founder of TrustGrid Pty Ltd. Drawing upon his many years of commercial and technical experience in cybersecurity, TrustGrid™ is his personal brainchild to solve the challenge of secure digital ecosystems.

The TrustGrid platform helps government, enterprise and other organisations create secure digital ecosystems through a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, while also giving customers sovereign control of data and maximised citizen privacy.

TrustGrid said the platform was four years in the making, using distributed ledger technology or blockchain and an internally developed fabric that interoperates with legacy services and micro-services relevant to various use cases within the government and private sector.

 “We have invested almost five years into the development of this world’s first technology that will solve a global crisis of security in data and digital identity. TrustGrid is bringing to market a digital ecosystem that’s empowering individuals worldwide to take back total control of their digital identity, personal data and how they are used and verified by external constituents, in both public and private entities,” Devaraj said.

“Calling upon our many years of expertise in cybersecurity, TrustGrid is available digitally worldwide as a SaaS model, enabling organisations to create secure digital ecosystems from anywhere in the world with sovereign control of data and maximised citizen privacy, delivered with unlimited scale and unprecedented speed.”

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