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A hugely exciting day for TrustGrid™ ™ as our CEO and Founder Santosh Devaraj signed as an inaugural implementation partner for the DagangBorneo by Borneo Economic Community ( BEC) .
In yesterday’s hugely successful #BorneoBusinessRoundtable, with the formation of the #BorneoEconomicCommunity #BEC, which brings together national and territorial chambers of #Kalimantan Provinces, #Labuan, #Sabah, #Sarawak and #BruneiDarussalam, signing a historic Statement of Cooperation, witnessed by Their Excellencies Special Representatives of the Nusantara Capital City Authority and Governors of Kalimantan.

We are tremendously pleased as we continue the journey of technological enablement for #AKREDI and DagangBorneo by Borneo Economic Community, We are also looking forward to working closely with our #BEC inaugural implementation partners, Megain Widjaja for Indonesia Climate Exchange , Satoru Someya for TradeWaltz Inc. and in particular for sharing this new chapter of regional collaboration with Dynamik Technologies Technologies .  

A very special thank you to Haslina Taib CEO Dynamik Technologies Technologies and Chair ASEAN BAC Brunei 2023 and Albert WY Hwong FIC  , Program Lead for #Akredi & DagangBorneo by Borneo Economic Community.

ASEAN-BAC Indonesia 2023 #asean2023

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