The ASEAN Digital Credentials Platform

Connecting the entire ASEAN region – simply, securely, and digitally.

In partnership with Brunei-based Dynamik Technologies, TrustGrid Pty. Ltd. has developed and delivered The ASEAN Digital Credentials Platform (AKREDI) – a single mobile application enables citizens to store personal data and documents securely for seamless, fully-verified travel across the entire ASEAN region.

The first release of the app is in the form of a mobile Data Wallet that will also include EUDCC compliant vaccination certificates – and will soon be expanded to include business, professional, social and student credentials.

How AKREDI Works

AKREDI is built utilising TrustGrid technology, a cloud-native digital identity and privacy platform which utilizes innovative cryptography and trusted, scalable digital assets technology. In short, TrustGrid technology provides a safe, totally secure digital platform that can be customised to suit a wide range of digital identity applications – fast becoming vital for everything with proof of ID on your phone.

Looking ahead…

The AKREDI mobile app will unlock opportunities for new economic growth by creating an underlying framework of trust between government and business – transforming the way we process and verify individual identities. For users, it makes it easier to interact in the digital world, offering a trusted digital method for verifying identities and credentials online.

AKREDI’s future roadmap focuses on business, professional, social, and student roles and documents required for cross-border authentication within the region. Further development is expected to incorporate a wide range of digital credentials as well as the establishment of a Digital Gateway infrastructure to offer more digital services for the region. This is envisioned to help achieve the goals of ASEAN Digital Economy Integration.

TrustGrid, with Dynamik Technologies, are proud to assist the ASEAN countries of Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, connect, travel and conduct their daily lives securely and digitally, thanks to The ASEAN Digital Credentials Platform.

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