TrustGrid™ Launches the First Complete Digital Identity Platform for Confidential Consortiums

TrustGrid Launches The First Complete Digital Identity Platform For Confidential Consortiums

Secure Logic, a global cybersecurity innovation leader, today announced the launch of TrustGrid™. TrustGrid™ gives individuals the power to control their digital identities for both public and private organizations.

TrustGrid™ combines multiple technologies into a secure ecosystem that blends innovative cryptography, data privacy and confidential computing into a tailor-made digital identity platform. The result is a comprehensive solution that exceeds the routine capabilities of digital identity protection, so users are guaranteed ultimate privacy, confidentiality and integrity.

Existing digital identity systems today cause frustrations for users, restrict the delivery of online services, and slow further digital services innovation. With TrustGrid™, organizations can form a consortium of members, regulating certain aspects of how digital citizen identities are developed and distributed. Based on an underlying private blockchain, TrustGrid™ provides an exceptional privacy, confidentiality and security experience to data owners. In a time where control of data is of utmost importance to global users, TrustGrid™ offers a distributed governance system that delivers superior confidentiality and privacy.

“TrustGrid™ believes that all individuals should be in total control of their digital identities and how they are used by both public and private entities,” said Santosh Devaraj, CEO of Secure Logic. “Calling upon our many years of expertise in cybersecurity, we created TrustGrid™ because we firmly believe that everyone should have the power to own their data and choose the identity attributes we want to be verified by external constituents.”

TrustGrid™ is a pioneering solution that delivers a digital trust ecosystem for governments and private sector organizations. The solution provides guaranteed privacy, confidentiality and integrity to facilitate the identity interfaces between government entities and vetted private organizations such as hospitals or financial institutions. Some of the specific use cases include:

Digital Services

TrustGrid™ covers government services such as online voting, digital license, birth/marriage/death certificates and other municipal needs. This would include asset ownership and regulated exam results.

Private Sector

TrustGrid™ provides selective PII disclosure, KYC advertising and polls. Verifiable proof of age/residency/memberships, as well as training and compliance certificates.

Vaccinations and Health Records

TrustGrid™ enables privacy-preserved tracking of vaccinations and health records, allowing people and organizations to reliably present health-based proofs with ultimate confidentiality.

Leading cybersecurity firm Secure Logic unveils holistic blockchain solution for digital identity innovation in the private and public sectors.

Other features of TrustGrid™ include:
  • Multiple Azure/AWS regions
  • Integrate with your identity systems
  • Library of ready-to-go use cases
  • Mobile app templates
  • Automated consortium creation and management ability

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